VIRANI PHARMA has provided first aid kits and emergency medical supplies to domestic market &  industries for over a 3 years. Today, we are proud to be one of the industry's most innovative first aid kit cosmetic kits suppliers, offering units that  qualify all  standards, as well as portable and self units, suitable for industrial, commercial and household environments. VIRANI PHARMA'S workplace first aid kits are the smart solution to standardizing your medical supplies.  Our manufacturing units are not only specialized in Pharma products but as well as qualified for Cosmetic products also. We also have capacity of manufacturing both pharma & cosmetic  products for other parties, giving us a reputation manufacturing quality products and in time delivery with all packing & forwarding facility all over India.

VIRANI PHARMA  represents a unique traditional knowledge and modern science. Established in 2011, VIRANI PHARMA   is  India's popular  manufacturer of pharma & Cosmetic  manufacturing company,  Today VIRANI PHARMA   is bound to  Deliver Quality products by employing the highest levels of technical expertise, advanced manufacturing and validation technologies and doing all this in an eco friendly environment and visionary. 2014-2020
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